Terms and Conditions

In consideration of being allowed to participate in and attend the 2015 Twelfth Night Masque (the “Event” or the “Twelfth Night Masque”), I agree to comply with any and all rules, regulations, terms and conditions of the Twelfth Night Masque, including but not limited to the following:

1) I, on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, hereby waive, release, discharge, and agree not to sue TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE, LLC, its officers, directors, members, employees, volunteers, representatives, agents, contractors and subcontractors, and other participants, sponsors, affiliates, and if applicable, owners and lessors of equipment, art installations and premises used to conduct the Twelfth Night Masque or related activities (collectively the “Releasees”), from any and all claims for damages, injuries, losses, liabilities and expenses which I may have or which may subsequently accrue to me, relating to, resulting from or arising out of my use and/or participation in the Twelfth Night Masque, including any programs, events, art installations or activities at the Event, and including any injury or damage to my person or property, or to that of any other person or property. However, if TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE, LLC files a claim against me, I may file a counterclaim related to the same facts and circumstances. I agree to indemnify, defend and hold the Releasees harmless from and against any and all claims by third parties for damages, injuries, losses, liabilities and expenses relating to, resulting from or arising out of my participation in the Twelfth Night Masque, including in any program, event or activity at the Event. I intend that the waiver and release of liability contained in these Terms and Conditions shall be construed broadly to provide a release and waiver to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law.

2) I acknowledge that the name “TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE” is a trademark owned by TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE, LLC and licensed to TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE, LLC, and that TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE, LLC has been given the sole right to license and enforce that trademark, and that all of TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE, LLC’s logos, trademarks or other intellectual property are owned by TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE, LLC, and I understand that this organization controls all rights regarding the licensing and reproduction of any imagery recorded at the Event. I agree that I will not use the mark “TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE,” the logos of TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE, or the likeness of any other trademark of TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE, LLC on any website or in any other manner, commercial or otherwise, except for nominative or classic fair use. (For information about trademarks, copyright and fair use, please see: http://ilt.eff.org/index.php/Trademark:_General andhttp://cyber.law.harvard.edu/copyrightforlibrarians/Main_Page). TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE, LLC generally does permit the use of the mark “TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE,” the logo of the TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE, without payment of any license fee, on materials that are given away or provided to supporters at any Twelfth Night Masque (“Gift Materials”), with the following conditions: (1) TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE, LLC may, for any reason whatsoever in its discretion, determine that such use is not in keeping with TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE, LLC’s quality control, and if so all such materials shall no longer be utilized; (2) no ungifted Gift Materials may be sold or transferred in exchange for something of value or distributed in any form such that the Gift Materials are likely to be sold or transferred in exchange for something of value.

3) I understand that some participants at the Event may engage in expressive activity and dress, which may include partial nudity or nudity and other types of expressive activity. I agree that such expressive activity and dress is not indecent nor offensive to me, and that I have decided to attend the Event with full knowledge that such expressive activity and dress may occur. Should I find that any activity at the Event is offensive to me, I acknowledge that I can avoid such activity by, among other things, leaving the vicinity of the activity or leaving the Event.

4) In the event I am obtaining tickets or I provide any tickets to any other person or persons, I recognize that I am acting as that person’s agent in obtaining the tickets, and due to this agency relationship I agree to these terms on behalf of any person to whom I deliver any of the tickets, and I shall notify any such person of these terms when I deliver a ticket to them.

5) This ticket is a revocable license that may be revoked by TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE, LLC for any reason, including without limitation assisting people with unauthorized or un-ticketed entry to the Event.

6) Refund and Cancellation Policy
All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be issued for any reason. Fees are non-refundable.

7) Ticket Sales, Vehicle Passes and Registration for Ticket Sales
If you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions as part of the registration procedure for a ticket sale process, this paragraph is binding upon you, but the other paragraphs in these Terms and Conditions become binding only if you successfully purchase tickets for the Twelfth Night Masque through the ticket purchase process, and your ticket is not rescinded or revoked prior to the Event.

If during the ticket sale process, you successfully purchase tickets, your credit card will be charged automatically for the price of the ticket(s). Once you successfully purchase tickets and your credit card is charged, you cannot cancel or withdraw your ticket order, and, as with all ticket sales, the sale is final. In the event your credit card is declined by the credit card company for any reason, the sale to you will not be processed and you will not receive any tickets.

TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE, LLC retains the right to cancel, rescind or revoke any ticket purchases at any time for any reason whatsoever at TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE, LLC’s sole discretion. If anyone attempts to sell or sells a TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE ticket for above face value, or purchases a TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE ticket with the intention of reselling it for above face value, TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE, LLC has the absolute right, in its sole discretion, to cancel any such ticket without advance notice, and once cancelled, the ticket will be null and void and will not grant the holder any right to enter the Event, and TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE, LLC will not have any liability to refund any of the purchase price to the purchaser or his or her assignee.

8) Security and Privacy
If you have any questions about the security or privacy of this event, please visit our privacy policy page.

9) These Terms and Conditions may be changed by TWELFTH NIGHT MASQUE, LLC prior to the Event, and if so the revised Terms and Conditions will apply to you. The most current version can be found via request sent via email to: committee@twelfthnightmasque.com. Your use of the ticket for entry to the Event signifies your binding agreement to the Terms and Conditions in effect at the time of your entry to the Event.